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Tibetan milk mushroom

Tibetan milk mushroom (Kefir Mushroom)
Origin: Many millennia ago, Buddhist monks, who lived in Tibet and fed only milk and bread have noticed that the milk in their clay pots skvashivaetsya differently. In the vessels, washed with running water, yogurt alone, in others, those that were washed thoroughly enough, or, say, in ponds, yogurt has become a different, more pleasant taste. But the matter did not end. She, in contrast to the traditional, different effect on the intestine, liver, pancreas and other digestive organs. Moreover, in the milk appeared grozdeobraznye compound, pleasant to the eye and even to the touch. Thus was established the Tibetan milk mushroom.

Tibetan milk mushroom or other fungus-Indian yogis represents himself, the white spherical body, which in the mature state reaches 4-BSM in diameter. He was bred in Tibet and the Tibetan people for a long time maintained its existence in the strictest confidence. In Russia, it appeared likely in the mid-19 th century.


Itself Kefir is a symbiosis of the fungus for more than ten different microorganisms growing and breeding together. The structure of this fungus consists of lactobacilli, acetic acid bacteria, yeast milk.
Kefir as a waste product kefir grains, causing both lactic and alcoholic fermentation. In the yogurt contains not only lactic acid but also alcohol, which suppresses putrefactive processes in the intestine, and carbon dioxide.

Healing properties:
1. activates the immune system
2. normalizes metabolism (including carbohydrate)
3. cure gastrointestinal disorders (including peptic ulcer disease), because normalizes the composition of intestinal microflora, has wound-healing effect
4. possesses antiallergic
5. antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory action
6. has choleretic, spasmolytic properties
7. increases sexual activity
8. improves memory and attention
9. Removes from the body aspirin, sulfonamides and antibiotics.

Milky mushroom - one of the few means clears THRUSH! 2-3 years completely cured severe hypertension. Atherosclerosis stop drinking kefir lime capillary walls. Infusion of Tibetan mushroom copes with obesity and is an excellent cosmetic product .. The use of mushroom yogurt helps dissolve benign tumors. After previous severe disease of mushroom yogurt vigorously expels exhaust antibiotics from the body and protects the intestinal flora of the death of beneficial bacteria.
10. (Food poisoning, hangover, is

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