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Kefir Mushroom
Address the causes of the following diseases:
1. All kinds of allergies.
2. All cardiovascular disease.
3. Hypertension of any origin.
4. Benign tumors.
5. All diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (including ulcers, dysbiosis, etc.).
6. Liver and gall bladder.
7. Cancer (prevention and prednachalnaya stage).
8. Lung disease and respiratory system (including tuberculosis).
9. Kidney disease.
10. Diabetes mellitus (can not be combined with insulin !!!).
11. Joint diseases.
12. Infectious diseases.
Milk mushroom
Milk mushroom was put peoples of Tibet and has long remained a mystery to medicine. Brought to Europe from India Polish professor, who lived for 5 years and was treated in India. He was ill with stomach cancer and liver, and is cured using milk mushroom. Leaving, the professor has received it as a gift. Milk mushroom is a white body with a diameter of 5-6 mm in the initial period of development, and 40-50 mm at the end of the period before dividing.

Milk mushroom has the following properties:

activates the immune system
normalizes metabolism (including carbohydrate)
cure gastrointestinal disorders (including peptic ulcer disease), because normalizes the composition of intestinal microflora, has wound-healing effect
possesses antiallergic
antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory action
has choleretic, spasmolytic properties
increases sexual activity
improves memory and attention
How to use: milk mushroom size two teaspoons pour 250-200 ml of milk at room temperature and leave for 24 hours. So you need to do 1 time a day at the same time, it's better in the evening and kept at room temperature. Bathed in milk completely skvashivaetsya through 17-20 hours. A sign of complete ripening is the appearance of a thick top layer, which is a fungus, Department of fermented milk on the bottom of cans. Fermented milk strained through a sieve into a glass jar. After straining milk mushroom is washed from the remnants of fermented milk under a stream of clear cold water, then milk mushroom is placed back into the jar and pour a new portion of milk.

If daily milk mushroom does not wash and do not pour fresh milk, it will not multiply and become brown, it will not have medicinal properties and it can die. Healthy fungus, white (the color of milk, cottage cheese).

Fermented milk to drink 200-250 ml, the last reception for 30-60 minutes before bedtime (on an empty stomach). Fermented milk is recommended to take a period of 20 days, then take a break for 10 days and then repeat the treatment.

The treatment course is 1 year.
Post comment (1)Category: Properties Date: 21.7.2009 20:11:19 Author: Shalyn

I took yogurt from the milk mushroom about two months.
Gave me a bit little white mushrooms and decided to try - to lose the same inning. The taste was similar to sour milk, but more leavened.
First for 3 days was diarrhea, and then fix it.
A week later I felt a lightness of mood and elevated tone, improve sleep, stop headaches, lost weight a little, stop worrying gall bladder, which tormented me in the morning sometimes. Feel vigorous and advised his mother. Her legs and back ached. After the first year felt great. She is also diabetic and measuring blood sugar, which previously stood at 280 after a meal, reducing it to 190.
Then he began to accept and dad, his hypertension. The pressure was stabilized before the end of the first course and this was without medication!
So I advise everyone to try this yogurt! It is a miracle of selection raised by Tibetan monks prozhivschemi to long aging.
These steps are not the limits of this culture of fungi.
I'll write about it separately in the properties of the fungus!
Post comment (0)Category: The second Date: 21.7.2009 20:8:18 Author: Mckofee

Khaki sorrows lechit
1. Common Diseases: Overweight. Metabolic disorders. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Headache. Meteosensitivity.

2. Diseases of the central and autonomic nervous system: Asthenia. Insomnia. Hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood. Depressive disorders. Cerebral palsy. Neurasthenia. Neurosis-like state. Stuttering. Syncope. The consequences of ischemic stroke and transient ischemic. Postkontuzionny syndrome. Psychoorganic syndrome. Psychopathic state. Tics of organic origin with neurological diseases. Epilepsy. Epileptic syndrome of residual-organic genesis.

3. Diseases of the immune system: Beriberi. Autoimmune diseases. Vasculitis. Glomerulonephritis. Influenza. Diphtheria. Immune disease. Multiple sclerosis. Rheumatoid arthritis. Systemic lupus erythematosus. Furunculosis. Suppuration.

4. Diseases of the circulatory and lymphatic systems: Arrhythmias. Atherosclerosis. Varicose veins. Inflammation of the superficial and deep venous system. Hypertension. Stroke. Myocardial infarction. Ischemia. Kardiodistrofiya. Cardiomyopathy. Lymphadenitis. Lymphadenosis. Lymph edema. Violations of the rheological properties of blood. Neuro-circulatory (vegetovascular) dystonia. Postgemmoragicheskaya anemia. Postrombozny syndrome. Angina in traumatic injuries of the heart and blood vessels (thrombosis contusion). Tachycardia. Transmural myocardial infarction. Thrombophlebitis.

5. Respiratory diseases: Asbestosis. Bronchial asthma. Bronchitis. Bronhoadenit. Sinusitis. Pleurisy. Pneumonia. Colds (SARS). Tonsillitis. Tuberculosis. Pharyngitis.

6. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: Hemorrhoids. Duodenitis. Constipation. Heartburn. Colitis. Flatulence. Metabolic disorder. Violation of intestinal peristalsis. Pancreatitis. Vomiting. Diabetes mellitus in mild and moderate form. Cholecystitis. Holongit. Chronic active hepatitis (including those caused by viruses B and C). Chronic gastritis. Cirrhosis. Gastric ulcer. Duodenal ulcer.

7. Diseases of the genitourinary system: adnexitis. Restoring and increasing potency. Ovarian cyst. Compensation for renal failure. Libido. Nephritis. Nephrosis. Nephropathy. Pyelonephritis. Pregidronefroz. Prostatitis. Enuresis. Thrush.

8. Neoplasms (tumors): Benign tumors of the brain. Malignant tumors of the stomach and esophagus. Lymphoma. Enlargement of the thyroid gland.

9. Dentistry: Periodontal disease. Stomatitis.

10. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis. Osteochondrosis. Polyarthritis. Rheumatism.

11. Trauma: concussion (post-traumatic p
Post comment (0)Category: Properties Date: 21.7.2009 19:48:17 Author: all5571

Kefir Soup with Sweet Pepper
I want to share with you a recipe for kefir soup with paprika.
We will need:
1 liter of yogurt
0.5 liter of boiled water
5.4 pieces of red pepper
2.3 Tomato
1 Thing reppchyatogo onion
4 cloves garlic
4 st.l.smetany
Peppers, cut into thin strips, add chopped onions, crushed garlic, sliced tomatoes, salt. Pour buttermilk mixture of vegetables and cold boiled water and sprinkle with dill. When serving put the sour cream.
Cut peppers in strips and added to the chopped onion and sliced tomatoes chesnok.Potom and solim.Potom mixture of yogurt and boiled water, we fill it with vegetables. When you serve soup on the table, do not forget to add go sour.
Bon Appetit!
Post comment (0)Category: Application Date: 21.7.2009 19:14:38 Author: Demon1720

In the forest for mushrooms
The beneficial properties of mushrooms is known so far is not all. But information, which even has to scientists, enough to not hesitate to include mushrooms in your diet.
One time, fungi were regarded as absolutely futile product. But now they call in the scientists most vivid interest, and in scientific journals publish more and more new findings. What we know about mushrooms? Let's start from the fact that vegetarian mushrooms may be an ideal source of protein: a white, butter mushrooms and boletus refrains full set of essential amino acids. Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and antioxidants. Many who from 2500 varieties have properties of a natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent. And cooked and uncooked, mushrooms are an excellent source ergotioneina, a powerful antioxidant. Furthermore, in dvusporovyh champignons it is 12 times greater than in wheat germ. And in the oyster mushrooms and shiitake meytake content ergotioneina even higher. The study showed that fungi help in the fight against cancer, immune system diseases and obesity. Scientists think that mushrooms koriolus able to suspend the development of tumors in breast cancer, oyster mushrooms reduce levels of bad cholesterol, and meytake able to stimulate the immune system, reduce blood pressure and improve glucose metabolism in diabetes.
So, a list of useful properties of fungi - the way, is far from complete - will inspire you to culinary feats and you've got mushrooms for all occasions. What to do with them? For a start they need to be washed. Gently clean with a damp cloth or soft brush. Water softens the mushrooms, and simply substituting them under running, you risk getting a mushroom porridge. Best of all fungi combined with fat-containing products: they can be extinguished with butter or peanut butter, dunk in tempura batter, and fry in deep fat or pour olive oil and cook on the grill. Should not be removed from the accounts and dried mushrooms. Soak dried shiitake mushrooms you will get juicier and more fragrant fresh. Dried Porcini and Morel could form the basis of many sauces, they can be to cook risotto and spaghetti. Soak them for 20 minutes and add to sauce or Sote with fresh mushrooms
Post comment (0)Category: The second Date: 21.7.2009 18:33:0 Author: skuchik

Wherein polezen kefir?
Is it useful to yogurt, as many claim? At one time, a Nobel laureate and famous Russian physician II Metchnikoff, who in fact could be called "father of Russian kefir," said that in the human intestine over time as a result of malnutrition (and often correct, too!) Accumulate a variety of harmful bacteria, which will eventually cause any disease and may contribute to accelerate the aging process in general. These processes can be neutralized through various dairy products and including with yogurt! Metchnikoff even developed a special method of preparation of yogurt on the so-called "Bulgarian Technologies". In general, this man was to the bone put kefir and a variety of diseases began to treat it with what he prescribed to take this milk product.
It is worth noting that it is associated with the use of kefir longevity of many Caucasian peoples. In particular, if the day to drink up to 0.5 liters of kefir, it will lead to a rapid and safe release of toxins from the body, etc. Kefir also has a positive effect on the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system and other organs.
In conclusion, it is worth noting the interesting fact that many people give doctors contraindications for the use of milk, but not yogurt! Here you have a paradox! So what are treated safely, quickly and pleasantly!
Post comment (0)Category: All about yogurt Date: 21.7.2009 18:12:43 Author: Nikki

life event
Interesting site! There is useful information. For its part, want to tell you the following. Once a distant relative was fascinated by the search for information about the health properties of yogurt, and quite enthusiastically talked about kefir mushroom. I was then quite a few years, and belong, respectively, are skeptical, like most others. This thing looked a little unappetizing, but the result after a few months has been really good (remember it from reviews of parents, they are also thought to do for the corrected health). Remember, even had some recipes. As a relatively recently stumbled upon an article about mushrooms, has decided to look for information on this topic. To my surprise, even found some explanation of how it works on the example of the theory of acidification of the body by Bolotov. He proposes to use the pickled vegetables and sour kvass to get rid of many ills that have long been regarded as incurable. In principle, the use of the fungus in something and there is acidification of the body, only this method, having tried for several hundred years (for example, the general history of the product), and-tested "on real people. In general, thought to try for yourself, because in the case of the fungus is a positive use of relatives, though long ago it was. I will further explore your site. Good luck!
Post comment (0)Category: Properties Date: 21.7.2009 18:4:56 Author:

Oversexed mushroom)
One of the most useful products for today is milk, with all its "future" incarnations. Kefir Mushroom - a set of micro-organisms which create a toga, and his work titled product. The result of all this turns is the same white thickish liquid, sour taste, which we diligently watered before the dreams in the camps and recreation centers))). All the benefits that brings to our bodies kefir even impossible to calculate. It speeds up the metabolic process, gives a lot of necessary minerals, activates the human immune system, strengthens bones, teeth, nails, tendons adds plasticity. In the late nineteenth century, Germans were treated yogurt almost all the existing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Yogurt itself has an antiseptic effect, improves memory and attention. The most important thing is - it increases sexual activity ))))))), which in turn carries a person's life harmony of body and soul, which ultimately leads to healing and rejuvenation of the body! So drink your yogurt and pastels are not empty and boring)))
Post comment (0)Category: Kefir Mushroom Date: 21.7.2009 17:5:25 Author: waltozar

Kefir Mushroom
I want to share their experiences. When my mom brought this lady mushroom and become our campaign to take it. I treated this with skepticism, but my mother did not argue about it. Our house a lot and as usual everyone has their problems. Male forever struggling with weight, the elder daughter of the transition from this age and hormones play a large flow separation, my mother menopause and women's issues, I kept thinking how this Mushroom can save us all of these problems. And they all accept, I think well, that would not be worse, still uses all yogurt, popem this. I will not say that both the wave of a magic wand all the problems went away immediately, no, this does not happen. But the result came. The husband has returned to normal metabolism and passed diskbatarioz and losing weight it while in the process. My daughter recovered hormones and no longer smells so (by the way I want to add it not only saw but also wiped his armpits) And my mom is not so touchy. By the way she had to say thanks that brought his lady. Well, I'm happy to use as a rejuvenating agent, do masochki face and is very happy with the result. Skin like a peach and wrinkles quite noticeable. So I advise everyone not to be lazy and take care of the fungus and used, and still as the advice I once read that the fungus likes to talk to him kindly, that from this he has more power.
Post comment (0)Category: The second Date: 21.7.2009 17:0:38 Author: irusik77

Milk (Kefir) mushroom
Miraculous discovery of Tibetan milk mushroom happened many years ago. According to one legend, a Buddhist monk living in Tibet have noticed that the milk of different ware skvashivaetsya differently. Over time, the unusual began to appear curdled grozdepodobnye protein compounds that Tibetan monks have found good use in medicine and cosmetics. The drink was called "the elixir of youth" because people who used it regularly, almost sick, and have always been in excellent form. Tibetan mushroom was considered a source of prosperity and wealth, so the process of its preparation was kept in strict confidence. But over time, Kefir fungus became known in Europe. He was brought to the Polish professor who during the five years he lived and was treated in India. After a full recovery before returning home, he received a gift from the monks of Tibetan mushroom. And in Russia, Tibetan fungus appeared in the middle of the XIX century. Russian doctors used an unusual yogurt for the treatment of rickets, anemia, dropsy. These drugs cured or at least mitigated the course of such severe lung diseases such as tuberculosis. Doctors have noted that after the regular intake of yogurt in humans stabilize weight, and many even lose weight. Those interested in academics. After much research it was found that a similar alteration in the human body is due to the presence of Tibetan milk mushroom acetic acid bacteria. This phenomenon immediately took up the nutritionists. Tibetan Kefir (milk), the fungus is currently the most powerful and still the only absolutely harmless and totally safe for human body's natural antibiotic. It is claimed the scientists, researchers and doctors. In addition, the fungus is currently the most powerful natural remedy against any allergies. And he did fully heal by eliminating the causes of this disease. It is worth briefly enumerate some other great advantages of this wonderful "living drugs". Tibetan milk mushroom stop chalking the walls of capillaries, purifies the blood vessels, normalizes appetite, heals ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract, breaks down fats and reduce weight if obese; resolves tumor fatigue, improves skin tone and performance, rejuvenates the skin, strengthens hair and protects the intestinal flora of the death of beneficial bacteria, while taking along with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs smooths their numerous side effects, lowers blood sugar, normalizes blood pressure; rejuvenates every cell in the human body, restores and strengthens the "male power" (the potency).
Post comment (0)Category: Kefir Mushroom Date: 21.7.2009 16:42:31 Author: Funtik

Where and in what place you need to keep fungus
Jar of mushroom to keep at room temperature or in a cool place, but so that it did not get the sun.
It can not keep on slontse because fungus does not like extreme temperatures. If the fungus underexpose, then fermented milk will be less dense with more myagktm taste.
Post comment (0)Category: Mushroom cultivation Date: 21.7.2009 16:31:46 Author: alex001

Tibetan milk mushroom
Tibetan milk mushroom (Kefir Mushroom)
Origin: Many millennia ago, Buddhist monks, who lived in Tibet and fed only milk and bread have noticed that the milk in their clay pots skvashivaetsya differently. In the vessels, washed with running water, yogurt alone, in others, those that were washed thoroughly enough, or, say, in ponds, yogurt has become a different, more pleasant taste. But the matter did not end. She, in contrast to the traditional, different effect on the intestine, liver, pancreas and other digestive organs. Moreover, in the milk appeared grozdeobraznye compound, pleasant to the eye and even to the touch. Thus was established the Tibetan milk mushroom.

Tibetan milk mushroom or other fungus-Indian yogis represents himself, the white spherical body, which in the mature state reaches 4-BSM in diameter. He was bred in Tibet and the Tibetan people for a long time maintained its existence in the strictest confidence. In Russia, it appeared likely in the mid-19 th century.


Itself Kefir is a symbiosis of the fungus for more than ten different microorganisms growing and breeding together. The structure of this fungus consists of lactobacilli, acetic acid bacteria, yeast milk.
Kefir as a waste product kefir grains, causing both lactic and alcoholic fermentation. In the yogurt contains not only lactic acid but also alcohol, which suppresses putrefactive processes in the intestine, and carbon dioxide.

Healing properties:
1. activates the immune system
2. normalizes metabolism (including carbohydrate)
3. cure gastrointestinal disorders (including peptic ulcer disease), because normalizes the composition of intestinal microflora, has wound-healing effect
4. possesses antiallergic
5. antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory action
6. has choleretic, spasmolytic properties
7. increases sexual activity
8. improves memory and attention
9. Removes from the body aspirin, sulfonamides and antibiotics.

Milky mushroom - one of the few means clears THRUSH! 2-3 years completely cured severe hypertension. Atherosclerosis stop drinking kefir lime capillary walls. Infusion of Tibetan mushroom copes with obesity and is an excellent cosmetic product .. The use of mushroom yogurt helps dissolve benign tumors. After previous severe disease of mushroom yogurt vigorously expels exhaust antibiotics from the body and protects the intestinal flora of the death of beneficial bacteria.
10. (Food poisoning, hangover, is
Post comment (0)Category: Kefir Mushroom Date: 21.7.2009 16:18:45 Author: univer

Care for Tibetan kefir fungus
Care for Tibetan kefir fungus is very simple. Pour into a clean glass or plastic jar (just never wash it with synthetic detergents ") are usually not soured milk in the amount of 0,3-0,5 liters of milk and put in a bunch of Tibetan kefir fungus (two tablespoons). All this is per person.

Next, cover the jar with a piece of gauze (mushrooms need to breathe!) And place it in a dark place (such as kitchen cabinets).

Every second or third day, when you see that milk has turned sour milk (yogurt), you need to using a plastic colander (metal is impossible, since the Tibetan fungus may die!) To separate itself from the sour grapes of the fungus. Using the colander curdled decant into a clean container: you can drink it, it is the very healing kefirchik.

A bunch of Tibetan mushroom themselves must necessarily wash with the same plastic colander and running cold water tap. After washing, the clusters of Tibetan mushroom placed back into their "house" and poured a new portion is not sour milk for the next series of healthful drink for you. And repeated.

But remember always that from contact with metal surfaces Tibetan fungus can become sick and die!
Post comment (0)Category: Kefir Mushroom Date: 21.7.2009 16:8:9 Author: vdoilnicen

Appearance and cooking.
Milk mushroom is a spherical body is white with a diameter of 1.5-3 mm, in the mature state reaches 4 cm in diameter (large mushrooms are considered old).
Preparation: Place milk mushroom size 2 teaspoons pour 1 liter of milk at room temperature and left for 24 hours. Milk me 1 time a day at the same time, it's better in the evening, and keep yogurt at room temperature. Bathed in milk completely skvashivaetsya through 20-24 hours. Fermentation of milk should only occur at room temperature for at least 20 degrees.
A sign of complete ripening is the appearance of a thick top layer, which is a fungus, Department of fermented milk on the bottom of cans. Fermented milk strained through a sieve into a glass jar. After straining milk mushroom thoroughly washed from the remnants of fermented milk under clean room temperature water, then milk mushroom is placed back into the jar and pour a new portion of milk.
Post comment (0)Category: Application Date: 21.7.2009 15:32:5 Author: simanov2009

Properties of kefir fungus
Tibetan Kefir Mushroom, "a living tool." He eventually cure 107 diseases. This culture took place many thousands of years ago from Tibet and the Caucasus. Polish professor, who has lived and healed itself within 5 years, has brought this fungus from India to Europe. The professor was liver cancer, which he completely healed etim fungus. When he left India, this fungus has been granted to him as podarok.Ego passed from one generation to another over the centuries. It is said that Milk Kefir has all kinds of powers. Tibetan yogurt - probiotics contain lactic acid bacteria. Probitik (living promotion) food containing live microorganisms that can survive in the digestive tract, where they provide recreational benefit to the host (GIT). Within the fungus Kefir lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungi, agglutinated in the grain, which when rasmeshyvaetsya with dairy products and drink within 24 hours.
In the process the sugar contained in milk, revealed inconsistencies in lactic acid. That's why dairy is such a good Kefir granted for people who are allergic to lactose.

FACTS ABOUT THE TIBETAN Kefir, GRAINS kefir - a "living tool." The most powerful natural remedy against any allergies;
The most powerful natural antibiotic and innocent of our days;
treats gall bladder,
displays gallstones;
Completely cleanse the body of toxins, and takes from the body of the whole exchange products, including salts, heavy metals, radionuclides, and the exchange of alcohol products, chemical antibiotics displays stones from kidneys, pathogens;
Lowering effect in cholesterol levels LDL, treats diseases of gastrointestinal tract as gastritis, pancreatitis and exacerbation of ulcers, stomach ulcers and 12 - duodenal ulcer;
Identifies a number of anti-antibiotics against diseases of internal organs;
Identifies a number of anti-antibiotics against diseases of internal organs; cures treatment for Candida;
Severe high blood pressure over 2-3 years, cured, stops the growth of cancer cells;
Develops speed the process of healing bruises;
Management of psoriasis and eczema;
Actually affect the treatment of diseases of the exciting;
Has the properties of anti-tumor, reduce tumor size;
treating heart disease, suspends blood vessels calcination, cleans the blood vessels;
Regulates the state of fatigue and wear the body, promotes energy, increases immune system;
Helps facilitate lung infections;
Helps to normalize the metabolism and loose weight, breaking the fat pill, normalizes appetite;
Has a youthful effect on the skin and the cells of the body, suspends cell aging.
Treatment of periodontitis;
Helps reduce the effects of combined phase
Post comment (0)Category: Properties Date: 21.7.2009 15:2:45 Author: Vadim_dok

Whipped yogurt!
For this recipe you will need:
- Yogurt - 2 cups
- Egg - 3 pc.
- Sugar - 150g
- Vanilla - 1 pinch
- Orange or lemon - 1 pc.
- Gelatine - 20 g.

First, pour the gelatin cold vodoy.Potom take the yolks and rasteraem them saharom.Potom whole lot of mix with yogurt. Separately, beat whites. Gelatin dissolved in warm water, and combine with yogurt and proteins. Mass pour into molds or glass vases and let congeal.
And now you can serve with slices of candied orange or lemon.
Post comment (0)Category: Application Date: 21.7.2009 14:13:55 Author: Demon1720

Mushrooms - a vast group of organisms, there are about 100 thousand species. They occupy a special position in the organic world, representing, apparently, a special realm, along with the kingdoms of animals and plants. They have no chlorophyll and therefore require a ready supply of organic matter (they are called heterotrophs). The presence in the exchange of urea, chitin in the cell membrane, substitute product - glycogen, not starch - they are close to the animals. On the other hand, by the method of feeding by suction (adsorbtivnoe food), but not swallowing food, for unlimited growth, they resemble plants.
Fungi are very diverse in appearance, habitat and physiological functions. However, they also have common features. The basis of the vegetative body of fungi is the mycelium, or spawn, is a system of fine branching filaments or hyphae on the surface of the substrate, where the fungus lives, or within it. Typically, the mycelium is very abundant, with a large total surface. Through her, by osmotic absorption of food occurs. In fungi, conventionally called the lower, the mycelium has no partitions (non-cellular), some body is naked protoplast, the remaining mycelium is divided into cells.
In the cytoplasm of the fungus contains structural proteins and is not associated with cell organelles enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids. In the fungal cell has organelles: mitochondria (similar basically to those of higher plants), lysosomes with proteolytic enzymes, carrying out the splitting of proteins. In the cell, the fungus has vacuoles containing spare nutrients - will Ting, lipids, glycogen and fat, mainly unsaturated fatty acids. No starch.
In fungal cells contain from one to several nuclei. At the core double membrane, nucleolus and chromosomes contain deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).
Post comment (0)Category: The second Date: 21.7.2009 13:38:19 Author: Funtik

Kefir Mushroom
Tibetan Kefir Mushroom is a body in white with a diameter of 5-6 mm in the initial period of development, and 40-50 mm at the end of the period before dividing.

Tibetan Kefir Mushroom has the following properties: activates the immune system, normalizes metabolism (including carbohydrate); cure gastrointestinal diseases (including ulcer) as well as normalizes the composition of intestinal microflora, has wound-healing effect, antiallergic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory action; has choleretic, spasmolytic properties, increases sexual activity, improve memory and attention.

Infusion (kefir) Tibetan Kefir Mushroom easily reduce weight in obese. All of his secret - that he breaks down fats not to fatty acids, which accumulate in the liver and there is again converted into fats, and convert these fats into simpler compounds, which are then himself and prints from the human body.

In order to lose weight should drink a brew (kefir) Tibetan kefir mushroom daily half an hour after eating and one - two times a week to arrange fasting days on the basis of the Tibetan yogurt.

Post comment (0)Category: Kefir Mushroom Date: 21.7.2009 13:32:25 Author: Shalyn

The mystery of origin
Kefir has long been considered a drink of health and bodrosti.Severnaya Ossetia is home to the drink. In the North Caucasus was the custom under which the secret of kefir preparation, called "heaven-sent", it was impossible to disclose the foreigners under any circumstances. Therefore, traveling through the Caucasus tourists could try yogurt and appreciate the wonderful healing properties of this product, but to learn the secret of his cooking was not their best. Glory wonderful fermented milk product meanwhile spread far beyond the Caucasus. The first scientific description of kefir as medical and dietary drink is an article in a Russian medical journals, which was published in 1867. And in 1907 molokozavodchik Balandin up production of kefir in Russia. But nobody do not know exactly how he turned out to be undercover kefir grains.
Post comment (0)Category: All about yogurt Date: 21.7.2009 13:12:35 Author: MCJOHN

Useful curds from kefir mushroom :-)
The fact that the fungus may grow Kefir I learned a year ago. Ever since doing cultivate this "miracle" with pleasure and benefit. The fact that I have a small son grows up (2.5), and the child's body is known as very vulnerable and very responsive to chemotherapy in the products that we buy in stores.
After another trip to the doctor and his strong recommendations to feed the baby more natural products I was looking for information about how to make dairy products very useful. Technology of preparation will not lead, as to me it is already here, many have written. And it's not difficult at all, as it turned out, the main thing is the desire and concern for their loved ones, and especially children.
And now I can say with confidence that in the curds (which so adores my son), and that I draw from kefir (a yogurt of kefir fungi) contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. And if you go to add the jam, which makes our grandmother - turns out very tasty dessert.
Dear Mom, do not be lazy! Think about the health of their babies and what they eat.
We have forgotten what a rash and tummy have stopped aching.
Post comment (0)Category: Application Date: 21.7.2009 12:46:23 Author: kroshkamusha

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